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    Paintless Dent Repair Training School: Certified PDR Training

    Superior Auto Institute 100% GUARANTEES you will learn PDR or more training free.

    Superior Exclusives:

    * Manufacturer Based, Certified Training
    * Brian Jump Proprietary Large Dent Repair Techniques
    * Dent Hammer Huge Dent Repair Tool
    * SAI Pretraining program and DVD (prior to training)
    * PDR Mastertech Developed Equipment for new model vehicles
    * 100% Guaranteed Training
    * PDR Marketing and Business Strategy

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    From ZERO to $250k in 12 Months (Not typical, mind you.)
    Todd Reeves came to us to learn PDR just over a year ago.
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    Pre-Training Program

    Paintless Dent Repair is an art, and it takes time to learn the Paintless Dent Removal process and perform quality Paintless Dent repair. Start the SAI PRE-TRAINING at home before you even step foot in the class room with the SAI Pretraining Program. This program saves you money, time and also gives you a valuable structured experience before you come to master the techniques in the class room, and will take away any worries or doubts about your capabilities with PDR.

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    Hail Storm: Jackson Tenn.

    SAI Featured in Huffington Post

    Hail Storm Predicted: Dallas, TX.

    Mobile Tech Expo and PDR Olympics: January 17-22nd

    Recon Company seeks tech: Colorado
    Alberta, Canada Dealer seeks techs
    NYC Dealer Group seeks Techs
    UBER Car Sales seeks PDR Tech
    Ontario CA Dealer seeks PDR Tech

    SAI PDR Training Testimonials

    PDR Tools
    The best PDR tools on the market. Available in 10, 20 & 50pc. sets. Quality Dent Repair Tools.
    Auto Detailing School
    Extensive detailing and recoloring programs used for auto recon and touchup repairs.

    PDR Training News

    Winter/ Spring

    Hail storms CRUSH North America and Europe
    SAI former students are there,
    but we need more help!
    Former SAI students are
    urged to call.

    Winter/Spring 2016/2017:
    Spring storms Start to hit the midwest. Get those engines running and pack those PDR tools for those money making hail storms.

    Drivetime is hiring PDR Techs
    Call for areas and info

    Paintless Dent Repair | Success Stories

    Tino De La Cruz
    Seal Beach, CA

    Almost 2 years after Tino has completed Paintless Dent Repair and Paint Repair Training, Tino has built a business that rivals his former multi-million dollar utility business, and the key idea is now Tino actually ENJOYS what he does for a living, instead of dragging himself to work everyday!

    Chris Misztur
    Sydney, Australia

    Chris isnt your average student. He grabbed the PDR Pretraining program and told us he wanted to return to Australia as a PDR Pro. After he enrolled, he took his pretraining package and spent a solid 6 weeks practicing and requesting our advanced PDR Pretraining practice module, which after confirming he was ready, provided for him.

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